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A song book ...

The « Bitu Magnifique » is at the same time the singer and the book. It is the « eternal student », young, magnificent, with a thirst for freedom, who knows the essential and mocks the superfluity. It is also a book, heirloom of folklore from generations of studiosi at the Alma Mater. A whole history, created at the University itself or brought to it by students, from their city, their village, enriched by traditions from other languages and lands.

The Bitu Magnifique, it is you, carissime commilito (dear companion), when you echo through bars and dark streets with songs that whip the gentleman's cheek and the whore's ass!

A website...

This site allows any student, citizen, ethnologist, etc. to discover songs, comments, scores and pictures from the Bitu Magnifique, the new songbook for Belgian students (and others). This includes traditional and so-called sacred songs, as well as songs from various associations: region or faculty-based student unions and student orders. This living folklore is still growing thanks to the tradition of "guindailles", sung or spoken texts made for the pleasure of student ears.

Of course, we can't help promoting the buying of this book, which this site only enhances.

This site also serves as a song repository and a maintenance system for future editions of the Bitu Magnifique. If you find an error in a song, or if you want to send us a comment, or a score, if you know a song that this site lacks, if you have something to tell about the origin, the history or the way to sing a song, if you drawed an illustration that you are proud of, or if you created a memorable new song, please contact us by email or by snailmail so that we can update and enhance the Bitu Magnifique.